Desktop Music 1.0

Desktop Music 1.0



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Desktop Music is a versitile and intuitive tool forcreating music on your computer. Desktop Music saves music in a manageable text format. This makes cutting, copying and pasting notes as easy as editing a text file. 16 Instruments At Your Fingertips- Five pianos, five guitars, drums, bass, mandolin, 5-string (and tenor) banjo and ukulele can be used individually or in any combination. You become an expert on any instrument since you can easily call up scales and chords and then use them in your music. A New Kind Of MIDI Sequencer- Desktop Music does not require you to record live with complex MIDI instrument. Desktop music uses a unique form of step mode where music is inputted by clicking on a piano, guitar, bass, 5-string or tenor banjo, mandolin or ukulele. A Powerful Chord Calculator- The chord calculator can calculate chords using any tuning on any stringed instrument. It can find chords with a specific melody note on a specific string and it can calculate chord voicings using open strings on voicings that are higher up the neck. The best part is that it can the find chords you need on any instrument as you develop your song. An Easy-To-Use Drum Machine- A drum track can be created in seconds by entering a bar of drum beats into the grid and then duplicating that bar. If a little variety is needed any bar can be easily called up and edited with a few mouse clicks. A Scale Encyclopedia- Display a scale on any stringed instrument s neck or on the piano keyboard, instantly opening up new ways to create melodies and solo lines. Learn-By-Watching on all instruments- You can step though each part as slowly as needed. Lines can be selected and looped, either with the band or on the animated instrument. Even if you don t read music, you can still learn from Desktop Music. Over 70 songs included- The songs demonstrate what Desktop Music can do. They include classical, rock, bluegrass, jazz, patriotic and Christmas styles.

Systems: Windows

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